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Jankata Construction

Jankata Construction is a department of Jankata African Global Limited, established to tend to infrastructural needs and hazards in Nigeria and beyond with innovations that would yield road networks and structure-marveled buildings, bridges and many others likened to standards of the developed world.

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real estate company in Nigeria

Real Estate

What we are offering here with this area of interest is housing, land acquisition, estate management, marketing of lands and houses, proffering an advisory role. There are different approach to achieving any of this and in our wealth of solutions, all this approaches are abound. Plus, we are not limited to all these, as we also take care of the natural resources that comes with either the land or housing. What you need do is reach us for more information on how to go about having your own house, owning a land of your choice or having an estate.

Jankata Farming

We are poised to brew up interest in the agro-economy with our farming innovations that we will unleash to stir up yields that would further jumpstart business solutions needful to the people.

In this area of interest, we are kicking up services in poultry, cassava and pig farming and more in Nigeria, across Africa and to the world.

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Jankata Mall

Jankata Mall is an e-commerce platform where you will find virtually everything – it’s a place for all, where various kinds of items for Nigeria, Africa and beyond are available and the enablement to have it shipped to you is readily on standby as it is a given that our principal aim is to proffer solutions that would ease business relations and we are set to remain so.

Oil and Gas

We are an independent aboriginal Nigerian downstream exploration and production company with services on refining of petroleum crude oil, processing and purifyingof raw natural gas, marketing and distribution of products such as gasoline or petrol, Kerosene, Jet fuel,  Diesel oil heating oils, fuel oils, lubricants, waxes, asphalt, supply of AGO, DPK, natural gas(bulk) as well as liquified and petroleum gas(LPG).

Jankata Power

Jankata Power entails generators and plants for sales and hire. We are set to offer nationwide 24/7 services with our branch in Lagos and in not-too-distant future across the Nigeria. Our services ranges from sales, hire, rentals, to maintenance.

we have our well trained electrical and installations experts that enables the deployment and installation of generators and plants as and when required.

jankata power


Jankata Export

Exporting is also in our area of interest and the focus here is raw materials. We are going to have raw materials exported to countries across the continent and beyond which would yield value-added growth. These raw materials includes Grains, Vegetables, Meat, Timber, Honey, Minerals and many others.

This service would be executed by experts enabled with the know-how to ensure its acceptability according to international standards.

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